IEA Acedemics

Renewable Energy Workshops

IEA is presently conducting workshops, worldwide, in all the Renewable Energy disciplines listed below. Maximum number of participants per workshop is limited to twenty-five. IEA's Renewable Energy Education Program (REEP) is jointly conducted by International Energy Academy and Solar Energy International, Colorado, USA. The workshops teach the practical use of solar, wind and water power. The program gives individuals the knowledge and skills to design, install and maintain renewable energy systems and to build state-of-the art solar homes that are efficient, practical and earth-friendly. The workshops are conducted using a how-to/hands-on approach with commercial products and field installations. Interested persons should contact us for pricing.

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Workshop Topics and Cost

Solar Electricity
Solar Water Pumping (2 days), $275.00
Photovoltaic Design & Installation (2 weeks), $675.00
Advanced Photovoltaics (1 week), $675.00
Utility Interactive Systems (3 days), $600.00
PV Design Online (6 weeks), $725.00
Women's Photovoltaic Design & Installation (2 weeks), $1500.00
PV Industry Week (1 week), $750.00
Natural Building & Renewable Energy (1 week), $550.00
PV Lab Week (1 week), $750.00
Solar Electricity for the Developing World (2 weeks), $1200.00

Wind Power
Residential Wind Power (2 weeks), $1500.00
Homebuilt Wind Generators (1 week), $650.00
Women's Wind Power (2 weeks)

Micro-Hydro Power (1 week), $750.00

Solar Home Design & Natural House Building
Designing and Building Natural Homes (1 week), $650.00
Advanced Straw Bale Construction (1 week)
Solar Home Principles (1 week), $650.00
Solar Home Design Online (6 weeks), $750.00
Advanced Natural Building & Building Science (2 weeks)
Introduction to Straw Bale Construction (3 days), $275.00
Natural Building & Renewable Energy (1 week)
Solar Home Design & Natural House Building (1 week), $675.00
Plaster for Natural Homes (3 days), $225.00

Solar Thermal
Solar Hot Water (1 week), $525.00
Solar & Radiant Heating Systems (3 days), $595.00
Advanced Solar Radiant Heating (3 days), $250.00

Renewable Fuels
Renewable Fuels (1 week)
Biodiesel Fuel (1 week), $650.00
Hydrogen and Alternative Vehicles (1 week)
Biodigestors and Biogas (1 week), $250.00

Rural Development
Renewable Energy for the Developing World (1 week), $650.00
Renewable Energy for the Developing World--Hands-on (1 week), $850.00
Appropriate Technology for the Developing World (1 week), $700.00
Sustainable Building for the Developing World (1 week), $700.00
Sustainable Building for the Developing world--Hands-on (1 week), $900.00
Water Management and Technology (1 week), $500.00
Solar Electricity for the Developing World (2 weeks), $1200.00

Women's Programs
Carpentry Skills for Women (1 week), $600.00
Women's Photovoltaic Design & Installation (2 weeks)
Women's Wind Power (2 weeks)

Other Topics
Introduction to Renewable Energy (1 day), $100.00
The Politics of Energy (1 day),
Successful Solar Businesses (2 days), $300.00
Practical Applications for Renewable Energy (1 week), $650.00

PV Design Online (6 weeks)
Solar Home Design Online (6 weeks)
Advanced PV Online (6 weeks), $725.00