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IEA Programs

Our workshops are open to the general public with a minimum of high school diploma. Please go to the workshop section for more information. Click Here

Certificate Program:
The program leading to the award of Certificates in Renewable Energy and Entrepreneur is a 12-month intensive program where students would be trained in all aspects of renewable energy and entrepreneurial skills. The program also requires admitted students to complete a two-month internship in our facilities or those of our affiliates.

Post-graduate Degree Program:
The program leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Renewable Energy and Entrepreneur is a 12-month intensive training where students would be exposed to rigorous practical training and testing in solar energy, wind power, hydro power, bio-diesel, fuel cell technology, generators and other alternative energy systems. Students will also be equipped with the necessary skills to run their own businesses. The skills and education acquired by students will equip them to economically assist their communities in becoming energy self-sufficient and encourage them to become job creators, and employers of labor rather than job seekers. Students are expected to complete their degree requirements (course work and final paper) within 12 months. This includes a two-month internship in energy or energy-allied company, energy training or distributing facility. Sixty per cent of the final paper includes a workable business plan which each student must defend before a jury of experts. In order to achieve the school's objectives, all subjects are compulsory for students. Successful students must demonstrate competency in the following subjects before a degree is awarded to them:
Electrical Codes
Basic computer education and repair
Electrical installation
Solar Energy: Design and Installation, Solar dryers, solar refrigeration
Wind Power: Design and Installation, Turbine fabrication
Solar water heating
Solar water pumping
Micro-hydro: Design & Installation, Turbine design and manufacturing
Battery Recycling
Generator Repair
Fuel Cell Technology
Renewable Fuels



Admission Requirements:

Minimum requirements for registering for any of our workshops is a high school diploma

Certificate Program:
The minimum requirement for our certificate program is a good passing grade high school diploma.

Post-graduate Diploma degree in Renewable Energy and Entrepreneur
Candidates for admission into our Post-graduate Diploma degree must have one of the following qualifications:
1. A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized university.
2. A Higher National Diploma from a recognized polytechnic.
3. Any other equivalent of the two degrees above.
4. Candidates must also have a workable business idea in addition to the minimum requirements.