IEA Acedemics

Library & Supplies
There will be books on various subjects and subjects to be taught and a reference section in the library. The school is also equipped with a world-class electronic library which is available to students 24/7.

International Energy Academy will operate a world-class bookshop and a renewable energy store where hard-to-find books and products manufactured by the school would be offered for sale to students and the public.

IEA provides workshop and customized training to decision makers, technicians, and users of renewable energy sources. IEA provides the expertise to plan, engineer and implement sustainable development projects. The school works cooperatively with grassroots and development organizations to meet development goals with renewable energies. IEA also assists organizations in planning and implementing renewable energy applications for sustainability in healthcare, agriculture, education and economic development projects. IEA's full service includes:

• Decision Makers Outreach
• Needs Assessments
• Participatory Planning
• Funding Proposal Development
• System Engineering
• Hardware Procurement
• On-Site Installation
• Education and Training
• Project Evaluation